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Ode to Ugly Footwear

September 14th, 2006 at 07:28 pm

(To an unaccepting, conformist society)

I can't wear my yellow slippers
Warm as they may be
because my yellow slippers
are not for THEM to see.
They're bright, they're old
they're worn clear through
Just like me, just like you,
My friends of old, to bar the cold;
My Knitted socks -- my Slippers.

I wrote that during my freshman year of college (1991) after my roomie gasped when she saw said slippers! I made a point to wear them every time she was around-- and especially if she had company! LOL

Sorry -- cleaning up a bunch of old files and keep coming across this stuff...

1 Responses to “Ode to Ugly Footwear”

  1. LuxLiving Says:

    Oh that's a great poem GTBDF!


    I have some yellowy-orangey slippers. In my family we call them my "Ethels", because Ethel was the dear lady who knitted them. When the bottom wore through my frugalista blood ran cold.

    Oh no!!!

    What could I do?

    I went to Wally-world and bought myself some of that dotted no-slip stuff that Mom's make footy jammies with and stitched it to the bottom.

    My Ethels were rejuvenated!

    Ethels rock!!

    Pretty? No. But us non-conformists got to stick together! Go Ugly Yellow Footwear! Go!!

    My Ethels have lived a long and happy life and are still going strong at about 20 years plus!! (yeah got them before I was even born, un-huh! sure did.)

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