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Called for help

September 13th, 2006 at 08:18 pm

Well, I called the Employee Assistance number for DHs work (I remember seeing those flyers on the employee bulletin boards everywhere I worked, but never knew anyone who called them). Nice lady asked me a lot of questions and then gave me the name of a local psychotherapist. So, I'll be calling her office tomorrow morning. I just wonder how soon I can set up and appointment. The movers will be here sometime Friday to load the furniture going to DHs apartment, then its the drive over there to unload all that plus what I carry in the car (1000 lb limit on what the company will move for free -- 1000 lbs really isn't much).

Then we'll spend the night over there, come back home Saturday, have a dinner obligation Saturday night, Sunday DH will leave again Frown, and then Tuesday I head to NC to help out sis and bil move out of their house, then drive to DC to fly out on Thursday to Minnesota -- spend a long weekend there and come back on Monday Sept 25th and then that Friday DH and I take off for a week long vacation in NH. So why do I feel overwhelmed? Yikes!

Okay, so I really want an appointment soon especially if meds are going to be prescribed ( and especially if they'd help!). I hear it takes a few weeks for them to kick in and I don't really want to wait to start all that in mid October when we get back from vacation... ugh. I really don't want to spend the whole vacation crying either -- and it happens spontaneously these days.

I'm worried that she'll want to see me tomorrow though and I'd love to make it through the day without crying, but I know I'll cry if I talk about it again. (I did just talking on the phone with the EA person). It just wears me out so much!

Anyway, I have set my alarm for 8 am, so that way I can call as soon as her office opens and can go if she can see me. I just hope I can get some sleep tonight.

4 Responses to “Called for help”

  1. JanH Says:

    i had the same problem with the tears before medicine. it's okay. if they don't understand the tears then you've got the wrong person. (the problem with my first therapist) Most of the professionals i have dealt with have tons of kleenex around just for us! one day, the tears will be of joy when you visit and tell them of what you have done that makes you smile. you have taken the first step of the journey. you'll make it with support and love. you have a lot on your plate. take care of yourself these next few weeks. i'll be thinking of you.

  2. yummy64 Says:

    Congratulations on calling the EAP. I've done this a few times in the past. Always got great referals and help! People who reach out for help are, in my mind the strong ones!

    Want a laugh. My company I work for is essentially a foriegn company. The main language of business is French. So they designed this really great EAP for the employess except they decided to call it a Personal Assistance Plan. Great initials eh? I guess they think ladies and Gents will all be greatful for a PAP. We are just greatful it isn't a Group PAP plan...

  3. Great to be Debt Free Says:

    That DID make me laugh! Thank you! And those same initals are what kept my bil and sil from namimg their child Patricia Ann or Patrick Andrew -- ltheir last name starts with "P." Smile

  4. LuxLiving Says:

    Well girlfriend you have a full plate of LOTS of activity. Some of that may also help get you defunkified. Tired but less of the bluefunk.

    We'll be rraying for you!

    DO take care of yourself EACH and EVERY day of this frenzy-fest! A little pamper here. A lot of pamper there. Some 'something' that's just for you.

    Plan yourself a pamperkit and take it with you. Put in your favorite coffee/tea, your fav bubblebath, a special paperback you've been wanting to read, a lotion that you've saved for SPECIAL. You are you know, so take care of YOU and then you'll be able to help all your peoples a little bit. BUT YOU = YOU GO TO THE TOP OF THE LIST right Now -- do you understand? These tears are your 'inner mother' speaking to you - breathe and do for YOU!! If you have to opt out of some of the activity - DO IT!!

    I MEAN IT!! You don't want me to have to kick your boo-hoodey because you didn't!

    SO PROUD of you for making that call!!! Big Grin

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