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'spensive weekend

September 4th, 2006 at 08:55 pm

How did it happen? We knew we were having people come in for the weekend, so how did it happen that I had no real food on hand for them? How is it that I ended up spending more than $100 for 3 days? I know part of it was 2 12 packs of beer and 2 bottles of wine, but even that was just $31 (as I type it I want to choke -- we nEVER buy beer/wine, I had no IDEA how $$$ it was!).

But then we had to have OJ (which I didn't have a coupon for because DH and I don't drink juice), coffee (no coupon, don't drink it), cheeses and crackers and pepperoni, salad, chips and pretzels, chicken breasts, hotdogs and buns... UGH! DH and I don't keep snack foods and stuff around because we both do Weight Watchers. So I didn't have coupons for ANY of that stuff. UGH!

At least I found a few sale prices! DH and I got a refund from our GA insurance company becasue they dind't process our homeowners cancellation for the right date of the house sale. So now he wants to add money to the food budget. I think we have enough of our kind of foods to get by without adding to it. We'll still have enough int eh budget to cover milk, bread, eggs... and we'll just have to empty the pantry a bit of some of the stuff that's been there a while. We'll see who wins this one -- (he'll probably get to put the money in, but themn I won't spend it and i'll get to take it out and put it in savings where it reallybelongs -- so hopefully we can both win!).

Anyway... the weekend is over and I can turn the thermostat back to 80 like I usually keep it and I can unplug all the appliances again and keep the lights off. DH loved telling of all my thrifty ways, but the folks just laughed - oh well...

1 Responses to “'spensive weekend”

  1. princessperky Says:

    I know just how you feel, we had company too, though we do it a couple times a year and they are starting to get used to my house, or at least they arn't complaining any more!

    Though I know some of it wears off, I heard how there is only one pop a day now...as opposed to the only bevereage being pop! Not that I saw enough beverage being consumed by mom, but oh well, one battle at at time.

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