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Flex Spending account...

August 29th, 2006 at 06:56 pm

So, I have just filled out all the forms to get reimbursement for my and DH's over the counter meds and chiropractic adjustments. I hate paperwork - yuck! yuck! yuck!

And I just know they're going to pull something with the Chiropractic. If we went to the chiro. and filed through our employer based insurance, every visit would have been $50 each and re-scans would have been another $50 each. Instead I signed us up for the PCD payment schedule, which is basically a plan that reduces the cost per member. If DH and I get adjusted on the same day then mine costs $35 and his is only 1/2 or $17.50. And rescans are 1/2 price at $25 each.

So I have letters of medical necessity from the doctor and all the receipts and itemized lists of services received. I just hope they don't give me crap about it not being through our "real" insurance. But the total of $987.50 through the reduced payment plan would have equated to $2300 if I'd gone through work's plan. That's a savings of $1312.50 right there that can be used to reimburse all the crazy dental work going on in our mouths.

I just don't want to have to fight with them... I hope I don't have to. Augh -- I hate even thinking about it. Sheesh!

OTC meds added up to $179.34 so far for the year. Mostly sudafed and allergy meds -- oh, and a little cold medicine early in the year. And we're going to run out of FSA money before the year is up. We thought $4000 would be plenty, but this new dentist is great -- very proactive, but it also means a lot of work is getting done and since we maybe moving and we really trust this dentist and like his office, we're biting the bullet (don't let HIM know-- I'm now even supposed to bite into Apples anymore! Wink ). Oh well...

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