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Time to put the Goals in writing

August 24th, 2006 at 08:32 am

I think I have avoided doing this just because of the great number of unknowns in my life right now, but really, the future is always unknown, so I shouldn't let that stop me.

Academic goal: I am so doggone frustrated by my online project management certificate course (this will be another thread sometime, I'm sure), but I am determined to finish it. So, the deadline for finishing the remaining classes will be... Christmas. This will be tough, especially as I don't know how many units are in my remaining classes (and doggone professor won't get back to me about it!!!). But I THINK we'll still be on the East coast then, and I'd love to have it done my the time we move.

Employment goal: SO, if I complete the coure before we move, then the next goal is to get employed by DH's company within 1 month of our move. That gives me time to get the house settled, learn my way around a bit and get through the interview process and paperwork.

Financial goal. We have recently completed our $10,000 ER fund, so next is getting the car fund in place. We currently have $2800 in it, so I will se ta goal, based on our past 2 month history of saving, and say that we will have $16,000 in the car fund by....Christmas! WooHoo! I really think it's do-able!

Household goal: Have the house ready to show by November 1. This means I have to really budget my schooltime and house projects to get all the little things done (repainting the stairwells, minor landscaping, de-cluttering, staging, major nitty gritty cleaning, etc). This takes into account a couple small trips I have to make and time spent helping set up DH's apartment). Definitely do-able!

Faith goal: Start reading the Bible again -daily- and go to church at least 3xmonth. We are tithing, but not really active other than sending the $$. Need to do better.

Physical goal: Get in kick a** shape while DH is working out of town. And use their shower to conserve our hot water (LOL). I'm in pretty good shape right now, but could work on muscle tone. And it'll keep me from putting the weight back on which is so much better for my back pain issues.

Art goal: Write (creative writing) or paint at least 2x week. These are passions I have let slide among the busy-ness of life. I deserve to have these passions and I need to exercise them if I want them to be there in the future.

Reading goal: Read one non-financial book per month. Right now it's Dicken's David Copperfield. Literature is important to me, it deserves its place in my life. (And sometimes, I finish a book in just 2 days, so this one is not all that time intensive.

I think that's enough. It sounds, in fact, like a busy few months ahead. I'm excited about it, though. WooHoo!!!

4 Responses to “Time to put the Goals in writing”

  1. ummabdullah Says:


    sorry could I have written that any louder. lol.. I also love Clan of the cave bear! I don't know if you have read it.. but its a great read.. and actually quite realistic apparantly..

  2. MsSuperSaver Says:

    Great goals! Keep us posted on how they work out.

  3. homebody Says:

    Good Luck with your goals! I will be following along.

  4. Champion Cheapskate Says:

    Now that you've posted you goals, find a way to keep the list in front of you so that you do not forget about them. Good luck bringing your goals to life.

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