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My friend's car just got totalled

August 21st, 2006 at 09:24 am

She called me this morning and told me she'd just been in an accident. Fortunately she's okay (although I hazard to guess she'll be sore from it). We'd just been talking last night about how she loves her car (It's a good, reliable, 2000 Ford something or other). She went ahead and had a CD player and roof racks installed on it b/c she figured she would keep it until it died. The CD was just installed YESTERDAY! And now the car is totalled.

A lady ran a redlight and my friend hit her in teh passenger side door. The lady had her teenage son with her and he is being checked for broken/cracked ribs, but other than that, everyone is okay. Strangely enough, no airbags in either car deployed.

My friend is devastated. She's worried she's not going to get enough for her car to get a decent replacement without financing again. And hers was paid off of course. This just stinks!

I send flowers -- I wish I were closer, but it's a long way from Maryland to Minnesota and I'm not sure MY car would make it. Ugh! I know she has good insurance, but what a bummer! I'm just so thankful she's okay -- she is the best friend I have in the world aside from my hubby and my mom!

Hug your friends, folks! Tell people how much you love them! And forgive as many people as you can. Oh, and if you live near St. Paul MN and have a spare car, I know someone who could use it!

1 Responses to “My friend's car just got totalled”

  1. annab Says:

    Keeping a good thought for your friend -- I'm glad no one was badly hurt!

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