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To go, or stay...

August 20th, 2006 at 08:28 am

Encouragement can go a long way, I've learned. So I thank you all. I mean, I am new to this whole Blog thing, but I didn't expect encouragement for it from you guys. Thank you!

Today I'm feeling a bit torn. DH is working Monday - Wednesday out of town and then starting next week he'll be working out of town full-time until they decide to transfer us to Colorado (we're in Maryland right now). His new-for-now office is only a couple hours from here if traffic is light and I am considering going with him. I went a couple of weeks ago to look for apartments for him while he was at the office; he'll move into his new place on Sept. 16th.

Financially, all of this is fine. The company pays a set amount per day for lodging, a set amount for food, and reimburses his gas at about 44c/mile. So we'll actually be able to sock away more savings once he's in the apartment. And we knew that the quality of life for both of us if he commuted every day would be, well, yuck; to say the least. We chose a nice, clean, apartment community -- no frills, but near a lot of the necessities. We looked a some apartments where other temp. assignment folks are staying and they are NICE! But considering he is only going to be taking "leftover" furniture, the WoW factor from the outside woudn't have lasted long anyway.

We have decided that he will take a lot of the furniture and boxes and things that we don't want in the house we own when we go to put it on the market. It'll make staging the house easier and we won't have to pay for a storage unit.

But, I digress. I've been feeling a little punky the past couple weeks while he's been away. And having trouble sleeping. Weekends haven't been much better as he has to work on completing a building project while he still has access to the woodshop on post. I'm unable to help him there, and it would cost $8 for me to go be in the way.

But if I go with him this week, I'll pretty much be stuck at the hotel (presumably getting schoolwork done...) or I'll end up driving around the town and risking shopping at stores I want to check out to see what they are.

I used to travel for my job, and one of the reasons I left it was because DH and I wanted to be able to spend more time together -- also the extensive driving I had to do was really wearing on my back. And I know DH's assignment is only temporary (should be moving out to CO sometime between November and March, we are told), but in the meantime, I sure do miss him. Just don't knkow if would add extra pressure for him to try to rush back to the hotel instead of staying late to work,; or what if one of his new colleagues asks him to join them for dinner, it'd be a good way for him to meet folks and make friends, but if I'm there....

Probably won't go, just hate seeing him leave... and I think it is the anxiety about future weeks and less about this one since this is just a 3 day week-- can I blame it on hormones? Yes. I think that's it. Hormones. LOL

4 Responses to “To go, or stay...”

  1. ima saver Says:

    I understand, I have been married for almost 30 years and the thought of my husband being aware for even one night would upset me.

  2. ima saver Says:

    Opps, I meant away, not aware!

  3. LuckyRobin Says:

    My DH is gone 16 days out of every 28 for work. It can be hard, but you do get used to it if you can keep yourself busy. The one thing for me that really helps is having one of those prepaid phone cards from Costco with the 700 minutes. We talk on the phone a lot without the worry of the expense and that makes a world of difference. It keeps us close and we probably have more conversations of meaning than we do in person. I can't visit him when he's gone because he works in the Arctic Circle in the oil fields. You can't just go visit up there.

    Sure, its not as great as having him here, but I always know he'll be home again eventually. I think a person can adapt to anything if they put a positive face on it and keep themselves busy. You don't mention having kids, which of course helps keep a person busy. But there are other things you can do now to help fill your time when you aren't studying. You can learn to knit or sew or read up on financial matters as much as possible. Use your time to improve your future life. This time won't last forever, whether it be 3 months or 7 months, its the space of minutes in the lifetime of a marriage.

  4. Great to be Debt Free Says:

    You're right of course, and I should start painting again, and get the photos in albums, and, and...lots I can do. Thanks for the encouragement, though; sometimes I fell like a big baby! Embarrassment)

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